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Configurator info of welded workbenches (DPJ)

Professional welded workbench example

Professional workbenches welded

Professional assembled workbenches are robust and stable and are designed particularly for manufacturing halls, car repair shops, workshops, schools and labs. Maximum workbench load when wheels are not used is 500 kg.

The workbench can be confi gured, the customer can choose from a range of worktops, basic containers to be placed under the workbench, perfopanels for tool holders or cupboard extensions to be placed above the worktop. The range of electricity and air switchboard components offered.

Try to assemble your own assembly workbench to suit your requirements with the help of the electronic workbench configurator.

Run configuration

The workbench with basic under the worktop containers is delivered assembled.

Welded Workshop Workbench - DPJ_103Welded Workshop Workbench - DPJ_204

Professional workbenches welded (Scheme)


Perfopanels for tool holders.

  • 3 x steel profi le stand 30 x 30 mm, varnished
  • 4 x zinc coated perfopanel with 10 x 10 mm perforation in a 38 mm grid to fi x the QDN tool holders onto
  • the perfopanel is fi xed to the workbench with the help of screws

Cabinet extensions.

  • the inside of the doors and the back side are equipped with 10 x 10 mm perforation in a 38 mm grid to fi x the QDN tool holders onto
  • one shelf in each cabinet
  • double-point locking
  • door hung on inside pins
Beech top 25 mm - Product code DPS_01_BS25 - Product code DPS_01_BS25_G1 - Product code DPS_01_BS25_G2 - Product code DPS_01_BS25_G3 - Product code DPS_01_BS25_O2 - Product code DPS_01_BS25_U1Beech top 40 mm - Product code DPS_01_BS40 - Product code DPS_01_BS40_G1 - Product code DPS_01_BS40_G2 - Product code DPS_01_BS40_G3 - Product code DPS_01_BS40_O2 - Product code DPS_01_BS40_U1Beech top 50 mm - Product code DPS_01_BS50Panneau LTD laminé 25 mm - Product code DPS_01_LM25 - Product code DPS_01_LM25_G1 - Product code DPS_01_LM25_G2 - Product code DPS_01_LM25_G3 - Product code DPS_01_MP40 - Product code DPS_01_PE15BS25 - Product code DPS_01_PP15BS25


  • assembly workbench worktops available in heights 25, 40 and 50 mm
  • it is possible to choose between beech board, multiplex and laminate
  • rubber, various kinds of sheet metal, or PE and PP boards can be fixed onto the worktops

Basic containers.

  • locking with the help of cylinder lock with central locking and blocking to prevent opening of more than one drawer at a time
  • the drawers are placed on massive roller slides
  • drawers can be equipped with VND inner dividers
  • the containers are fi xed to the frame, we deliver the workbench assembled
DPM_01_B DPM_02_A

Middle under the workbench cabinets.

  • the cabinets fi ll the space in the middle of the workbench between the basic containers, and they can only be installed when both side containers are there
  • off ered with doors or doorless, contains one height-adjustable shelf 25 mm at a time